How Not To Do It: Lessons From My Cat


Hello everybody! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything for Nine Circles, but now I’m (hopefully) back to a regular schedule. This month I wanted to go over some valuable PR tips that I’ve learned from cats. I have a cat, but half the time I hate her fucking guts. She howls in the middle night, knocks glasses onto the floor, claws my kids and is a general nuisance half the time and yet we still keep her. I was thinking about this and I realized that there are a few tips that bands can learn from cats.

Be friendly but not too friendly. 

Most bands will add a blogger/label owner or prospective fan on social media and then immediately inundate the person with DM’s to like their band. This comes across as needy and as a complete turnoff. Instead, the band should be like a cat. Be friendly, make it clear who you are (such as by mentioning in your bio that you play in X band) but do not under any circumstances start getting *too* friendly.

Make Them *Want* To Help You

Now cats are masters of making people want to help them. They are somehow able to make people want to feed them, play with them or do anything they damn well want. How do they do this? They *ask* for help without being annoying about it.

A band could apply this to PR in this way: After you’ve established a few relationships on social media make a post that says something like “Hey everyone, my band is about to release our new album. Does anyone have any tips of places that might review?” Do not say “Hey everyone, we’re looking for reviews of our new album. Can any of you review it?” In short, you want to make someone *want* to help you versus making them feel like you are asking them to be helped. It’s a subtle, but very powerful difference.

OK that’s it for this month. I hope you enjoyed it. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like some help in putting a PR campaign together for your band.

– Curtis



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