Receiving the Evcharist: Wildspeaker and Filbert

Receiving the Evcharist

Welcome, my flock, to another rite.  Tonight’s offering is just about as good as it gets, which will be much needed after this week.  Get excited for this.  The Metal: Wildspeaker’s Spreading Adder.  The Booze: Transplants Brewing Company’s Filbert.    

The Metal: Wildspeaker’s Spreading Adder

wildspeaker spreading adder

Coming hot off the heels of their split with Cara Neir, Texas blackened crust outfit Wildspeaker deliver Spreading Adder to the masses, their first full length for new label Prosthetic Records.  Spreading Adder is eleven tracks of vitriol and bile spat directly at the listener.  Caustic black metal and crust punk meet thick sections of menacing sludge stomp to create songs that move and wind through a wholly bleak and menacing atmosphere.  The crown jewel of the album is vocalist Natalie’s impassioned howls, which pierce the mire of Spreading Adder and give humanity to the feral assault of the music.  This album gets better for me with every play.

The Booze: Transplants Brewing Company’s Filbert

transplants brewing filbert

This is Filbert.  He is my friend, and your friend too, and boy is his drink tasty.  Transplants Brewing Company, from just over the mountains from me in Palmdale, CA, have knocked it out of the park with Filbert, a brown ale flavored with chocolate and hazelnut.  Think of Filbert like a stout-lite; deep chocolate flavors abound here, and the nutty finish perfectly complements the malt profile, yet the body of the drink is refreshingly light, and nowhere near being cloying like some stouts can be.  Filbert‘s complexity and easy nature only make you want to have more and more to discover all the layers of flavor here.  As an added bonus, the little dude on the cover makes for probably my favorite beer art I’ve ever seen, and yes he is staying on display in my apartment.

Thus concludes another celebration of the week’s end.  Hopefully it is the week’s end for you, but even if you have to work this weekend, here’s hoping this took the sting out of that impending horror.  Until next we meet.

Cheers, and be good to each other,

– Vincent

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