Initial Descent: August 27 – September 2, 2017

Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost

Our hearts go out to all those affected from Hurricane Harvey and the flooding in its aftermath. Please find a legit way to help and donate or do whatever you can in whatever capacity you’re able. So many need your help right now and will into the coming months. This is not something that will right itself quickly.

If you’re still here it’s time for new metal and, as usual, we have plenty to go around. Paradise Lost kicks us off this week with Medusa, their fifteenth full length…let that sink in for a moment…got it? Good, because you need this dose of heavy doom/death metal — this far along and the band just does not lose any steam whatsoever. Next up is Corspehammer with their EP Posesión and Chris said it best with this: “Bathory meets Venom and has a quick lunch gushing over how amazing Motörhead are.” Tasty indeed, so get on it. Moving along is the debut album, Seo Mere Saetanfrom Dead Woman’s Ditch and it’s a terrifying yet hefty amalgamation of death, black, doom and sludge that glues your attention span for 40 plus minutes. Rounding out the opening slots is a black metal Split release from At Dusk and Sacerdos that perfectly balances striking ambiance with vicious fury, highly recommended. Four down and many more to go so stick around and explore with us.

paradise lost - medusa

Paradise Lost – Medusa (Nuclear Blast) – doom metal


Corpsehammer – Posesión, EP Cassette (Morbid Skull Records) – black / death metal [feature review]

Dead Woman's Ditch - Seo Mere Saetan

Dead Woman’s Ditch – Seo Mere Saetan (Third I Rex) – black metal / avantgarde 

at dusk sacerdos split

At Dusk//Sacerdos – Split, Cassette + Digital (Pacific Threnodies) – black metal [feature review]

Also on tap:

A Higher Demise – To Death or Victory (Independent) – metalcore

Alder Glade – Spine of the World (Independent) – black metal

Bombarder – Bez Milosti, LP Reissue (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – speed metal

Bombarder – Speed Kill, LP Reissue (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – speed metal

Botanist – Collective: The Shape of He to Come (Avantgarde Music) – black metal

Breag Naofa – Cearo (Independent) – post sludge

Charming Timur – Focused Rage (Independent) – experimental

Crawl – This Sad Cadav’r (Black Bow Records) – doom / black metal [feature]

Dälek – Endangered Philosophies (Ipecac Recordings) – alt hip-hop

Fireforce – Annihilate the Devil (Limb Music) – power metal

Fjelltrone – Urdabrunnen (Via Nocturna) – black metal

I, Forlorn – My Kingdom Eclipsed (Independent) – doom metal

In Somnia – For the Harvest (Via Nocturna) – melodic death metal

Leucosis – Liminal (Sentient Ruin) – black metal

Medebor – Dark Eternal (Via Nocturna) – doom / goth

Mist of Misery – Shackles of Life (Black Lion Records) – symphonic DSBM

Monster Magnet – Tab, Reissue CD & Vinyl (Napalm Records) – stoner rock

Monster Magnet – Spine of God, Reissue CD & Vinyl (Napalm Records) – stoner rock

Nemecic – The Deathcantation (Inverse Records) – metal

Night – Raft of the World (The Sign Records) – rock

Nyss – Princess Terre (Avantgarde Music) – black metal

Ossuary Insane – Demonize the Flesh (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Ovakner – Ar/Lume, Cassette, Reissue (Eihwaz Recordings) – death/crust

Red Mountains – Slow Wander (All Good Clean Records) – stoner rock

Rescue Rangers – Join Hate (F200 Records) – rock

Rough Grind – Four for the Road (Inverse Records) – dark rock

Septicflesh – Codex Omega (Prosthetic Records) – symphonic death metal

Sorrowset – All Ends, Begins With Ease (Independent) – experimental

Stump Tail Dolly – Soundtrack to the Second Civil War (Rusty Knuckles Music) – country metal

Sxuperion – Myriad, EP (Bloody Mountain Records) – death / black metal [feature review]

The Convalescence – This is Hell (Unique Leader) – deathcore

Vanora – Momentum (Crime Records) – prog metal

– Josh

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