Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – April 27, 2018


Whether you are a metal fan curious about rational or theistic Satanism, you will learn that the two predominant branches of the Left Hand Path tend to reject nihilism outright. This includes cruelty toward humans and animals. The reasons for such can be complex at turns, but, in brief, are rooted in the understanding that Satanists eschew the social mores other faiths have wrought.

You probably didn’t expect that comment to turn into a public service announcement about pet ownership, but here we are.

Myrkur is right: the serpent can put a spell on you. Pet snakes also require particular temperatures to stay alive, regular feeding of frozen or live rodents, cleaning and handling. Larger reptiles like boa constrictors and carpet pythons are gentle, but can be quite dangerous because of their size and strength. And many species can live for decades.


If you’re considering a snake as a pet, Lucifer might approve of your choice, but he won’t be there to clean the tank, gently wash off an uneven shed or to help you find an apartment that allows exotic animals (many ban them outright). There are adoption opportunities if you are still inclined.

(A public service announcement inspired by news the Empire has expanded to hip-hop, and the wee ones still adore the Dark Lord.)

This week’s entry into the annals of Asmodeus inspired extreme music is Ashen Horde. The Los Angeles-based crew fuses classic metal with black metal influences, and produced “Arisen” in 2017. The song is available off its Alchemist EP.

– EA

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