Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – May 4, 2018


This week, the San Francisco State University newspaper covered the challenges for students who wish to form campus clubs, outlining the experiences of a Satanist seeking to form a student group with 50-60 others. University rules reportedly require an advisor to be signed on from faculty or staff. As one might expect, finding an advisor has proven difficult.

Blame the Internet for the interest in Lucifer.

Also of note, Vice just published a touching story of one man’s return to his Satanist roots, after years of seeking to blend in.

Black metal fans saw a few recordings this week, including Peru’s Katari, Death. Void. Terror., Nekrokraft, Twilight and Velo Misere, among others. Polish black metallers Hell’s Coronation unveiled Antichristian Devotion through Gods Ov War Productions last year, but it is “Satanic Scepter,” a song from the band’s 2018 EP Unholy Blades Of The Devil, that is sure to mesmerize you. As a bonus, the group posted on Facebook this rehearsal video for the song.

– EA

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