Wake Up and Smell the Satan! June 8, 2018

wake up and smell satan

The Dark Lord was not taking as many Ls as the Drake spin doctoring courtesy of J. Prince this week. However, things were rough.

I know, I know, a loss is a win in this vernacular, but really, it wasn’t a good week. Read on…

  • We begin with news self-described non-theistic Satanist Kenneth Mayle had his case tossed by an appellate court. Mayle sued to have “In God We Trust” on currency removed, claiming it forces him to spread a Christian message that conflicts with his own beliefs. According to the Chicago Tribune, the appeals court ruling stated, “The inclusion of the motto on currency is similar to other ways in which secular symbols give a nod to the nation’s religious heritage.” SCORE: JESUS: 1, SATAN: 0
  • Later in the week, the Times of Israel reported God’s favorite son, Louis Farrakhan, recently made his first public appearance since February. His targets included, “Satanic Jews who have infected the whole world with poison and deceit.” SCORE: Chuck D looks cool with Rev. Lou, but not the Son of Man… EVEN
  • And then there was this, among others. Oh, Christ… irony clickbait isn’t ironic. It’s just (promotional) clickbait. And the only ones who think Ghost is Satanic shop solely at a Walmart anyway. SCORE: JESUS: 3, SATAN: 1
  • Speaking of Vice, this dis of Slayer – who, in spite of what you may think of Tom Araya’s Catholicism, have probably taken more shit for Devil worship than virtually anyone – followed by some uneven recommendations (respect for the Vulgar Display of Purring comp though) hurts the black heart too. SCORE: JESUS: 4, SATAN: 1
  • And finally Revolver‘s greatest songs about Satan features all your favorites. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. And, yes, Led Zeppelin. SCORE: JESUS: 5, SATAN: 1

So, it’s no Warriors/Cavaliers, but it ain’t pretty in Hell.

In music, Krucyator Productions issued on May 29 the new LP from guttural black/death project The Black Sorcery. The Canadian crew’s And The Beast Spake Death From Above is filled with all the music you might adore for your next exorcism. Bonus: the album cover art could fit in to a really diabolical children’s book.

– EA

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