The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Primitive Man’s Ethan Lee McCarthy on new album Immersion, their mind blowing live experience, being louder than anyone else, early influences, and so much more!


Denver Colorado’s Primitive Man have been banging out the sickest and gnarliest sludge/doom jams since 2012 and have risen to the top of this heap in very short order. No light, no hope, ear smashing, and soul crushing are all things this band has been doing with aplomb since their debut Scorn. And now, with their third full length Immersion, the band is poised to slaughter eardrums and souls worldwide. They’ve figured out exactly how to build tension and let it simmer to the boiling point and have also figured out how to make it explode into a cauldron of hatred so nasty that many will have a tough time looking inside.

Ahead of Immersion‘s release, Ethan Lee McCarthy took some precious time to chat with Buke about the upcoming album and how it’s better to be loud than just be there in the venue. They also spend some time on the band’s stunning live experience, the influence of Crowbar, the definition of doom and relevance to the listener, amp and sound experimentation, and so much more! This is their conversation — jump in and take listen!

Primitive Man - Immersion

Many thanks to Ethan for his time!

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– Buke

Immersion will be available August 14 on the band’s Bandcamp page and Relapse Records. For more information on Primitive Man, visit their official website.

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