Initial Descent: October 25 – 31, 2020


Finally, It’s Halloween week. Not sure what you’ll be doing but as long as it involves horror movies and metal, all will be right in the world for at least a day. Since metal is in the equation, we have a looooong list for this week. So long, in fact, it seems everyone waited for Halloween to push out an album. Good news for us. Anyway, Sarcator open the pit of flayed bodies with their Swedeaththrash and holy smokes is this so crazy good for such a young band—I mean, age 16-21. All that to say, jump on this immediately. And, the mighty Carcass return for a quick hitter EP but quick hitter doesn’t mean slack on quality, it’s Carcass so you know what you’re getting. Stälker put both a classic metal feel and tons of demonspeed in their effort and those vocals? GLORIOUS. Rounding out the top spots is Wolverine who are back with their lush but impressive progressive metal and in audio visual format which is nothing short of amazing so please get your ears, and eyes, on this come Saturday. No matter what you do with Halloween this year, you’ll have plenty of metal to take along for the ride. Just don’t forget to load up on blood and gore as well.

Sarcator – S/T (Redefining Darkness Records) – Swedish death thrash

Carcass – Despicable, EP (Nuclear Blast) – CARCASS

Stalker - Black Magic Terror

Stälker – Black Majik Terror (Napalm) – speed metal

Wolverine - A Darkened Sun

Wolverine – A Darkened Sun (Independent) – progressive metal

Also on tap:

Alien Mustangs – Beat of the Earth (Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records) – psych rock

Allison Cotton – Only Darkness Now (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube Records) – rock

Angel Rising  – S/T (Music-Records) – death metal

Atheos – Words of Eroding Worlds (Niflhel Records) – death metal

Audn – Vökudraumsins Fangi (Season of Mist) – black metal

Ba’al – Ellipsism (Clobber) – post-metal

Beauty In Chaos – A Kind Cruelty (The Sinistrality Mix) by Tim Palmer (33.3 Music Collective) – alternative rock

Begräbnis – Izanaena (Weird Truth Productions) – funeral doom

Bleeding Out – Lifelong Death Fantasy (Profound Lore) – deathgrind

Bliss of Flesh – Tyrant (Listenable) – death metal

Boreal – The Battle of Vosad (Nebulae Artifacta / King of the Monsters) – metal

Botanist – Photosynthesis (The Flenser) – avant

Clawing – Black / Living Together (Trepanation Recordings) – noise

Convulse – Deathstar (Transcending Records) – death metal

Corners of Sanctuary – Heroes Never Die (RFL) – heavy metal

Curimus – Garden of Eden (Inverse) – death / thrash

Cursed Blood – Taker of Life (War Anthem) – death metal

Cyanbaal – Cautionary Tales (Independent) – dark wave

Cynabare Urne – Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar (Helter Skelter / Regain) – extreme

Dead End America – Crush the Machine (Southern Lord) – hardcore

Dead Head – Kill Division (Petrichor) – thrash 

Desaster / Decayed – 7″ Split (Hellprod Records) – black/death

Disrupted – Pure Death (Memento Mori / De:Nihil) – death metal

Draconian – Under a Godless Veil (Napalm Records) – doom

Essence of Blasphemers – Calyx of Black Metal Blood (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Fearsore – Wetworks (Dead Sage) – industrial/avant metal

Forlorn World – Umbra (Independent) – melodic death metal

Funeral Harvest – S/T (Signal Rex) – black metal

Gilby Clarke – Tightwad (Golden Robot Records) – fuzz rock

Glacier – The Passing of Time (No Remorse) – heavy / power metal

Hell Is Here – S/T (Seeing Red) – crust

Hydrogyn – The Boiling Point (RFL) – rock

Icare – Kaos (Division) – grind

Insidious Disease – After Death (Nuclear Blast) – death metal

Junior Bruce – Pray for Death (Sludgelord) – stoner / sludge

Kallias – The Fourth Phase, EP (Independent) – prog metal

King Bull – Why Happened Here?, EP (Riot) – rock

Kiova – Empty Fields and Smoke-Filled Skies (Off / Maniyax) – metal

Kratzer – …Alles liegt in Scherben (7 Degrees / 783 Punx) – noise

Kyrios – Saturnal Chambers (Caligari) – black metal

Loss of Infection – Dark Dimension (Sliptrick) – death metal

Malicious – Deranged Hexes (Invictus Productions) – death metal

Mavorim / Ad Mortem – Iudicium Ultimum (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Mr. Bungle – The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo (Ipecac) – thrash

Mugstar – Graft (Cardinal Fuzz/Centripetal Force Records) – space rock

Nahemia – AR-CAOSAJI (Misanthropic Assault Productions) – black metal

Netherlands – Zombie Techno Undead (Records and Tapes Records) – netherlands metal

Night Cobra – In Praise of the Shadow (NCR) – metal

No Life On Earth – Nothing Is Real (Blood Blast) – groove metal

Noxis – Expanse of Hellish Black Mire (Pulverised / Rotted Life) – death metal

Nuclear Power Trio – A Clear and Present Rager (Metal Blade) – grind

Occult Burial – Burning Eerie Lore (Invictus / Stygian Black Hand) – speed metal

October Falls – Syys (Purity Through Fire) – folk / black

Orcrypt – Balrog & Roll (Death To Music Productions) – metal

Odiosior – Syvyyksistä (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Poison Wind – Virus! (Eleventh Key) – grind / sludge

Possessor – Damn the Light (APF) – proto-metal

Powerstroke – The Path Against All Others (Independent) – metal

Puscifer – Existential Reckoning (Alchemy Recordings) – electro-rock

Ring Van Möbius – The 3rd Majesty (Apollon Records Prog) – progressive metal

Romasa – Insufferable Cave of Rotting Aspiration, EP (Hand of Death) – sludge / crust / death

Ruff Majik – The Devil’s Cattle (Mongrel) – stoner rock

Sad – Misty Breath of Ancient Forests (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Scardust – Strangers (M-Theory Audio) – prog / symphonic metal

Serpents of Secrecy – Ave Vindicta (Moving The Earth Records) – doom

Sick Society – URNØ1 (Independent) – metal

Slagmark – Radical Malice (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Spectral Child – Moribund Kingdom (Trepanation Recordings) – synth

Streams of Blood – Erløsung (The Hidden Art) – black metal

Sulfur Sun – Placodermic Heraldry (Independent) – death metal

Svabhavat – Black Mirror Reflection (Eisenwald) – black metal

Svartsyn – Requiem (Carnal) – black metal

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Berserkir Volume II (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube Records) – progressive rock

The Kryptik – Behold Fortress Inferno (Purity Through Fire) – symphonic black metal

The OBGMs – The Ends (Black Box Music) – punk

Undertakers – Dictatorial Democracy (Time To Kill) – deathgrind

Violent Life Violent Death – The Color Of Bone (Innerstrength Records) – metallic hardcore

Visions of Atlantis – A Symphonic Journey To Remember (Napalm) – symphonic metal

Vulgarian – Human Scum (Independent) – hardcore sludge

Vyrion – Nil (Independent) – black metal

War On Women – Wonderful Hell (Bridge Nine) – punk

Watashi Dake – Feral (Inferna Profundus) – experimental black metal

Windchimes – Enervation, EP (Independent) – blackmetalcore

Witchtrap – Evil Strikes Again (Hells Headbangers) – speed metal

Wombripper – Macabre Melodies (Memento Mori) – death metal

Wytch Hazel – Wytch Hazel III: Pentecost (Bad Omen) – heavy metal

Yaotl Mictlan – Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar (American Line Productions) – black metal

Yawning Man – Live at Giant Rock (Heavy Psych Sounds) – desert rock

– Josh

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