Initial Descent: December 27, 2020 – January 2, 2021

Assuming you’ve all had a merry, merry and happy, happy, and now have an engorged wallet just burning a hole in your pocket to spend some cash on new metal. Assuming, of course. We’ve got the path of said new metal to lighten the wallet. Very short list this week but still some ragers, to be sure. Argentina’s Cemetery Dwell have hit the Redefining Darkness stable and are offering their three track, Finnish inspired, destructive death metal demo, and Depression are loading the deathgrind coffers with a 30 track beast that’s sure to rip eardrums right off heads. And, as always, there’s more to explore just below. Not a lot more, but we’ll be back to elongated lists in the next week or two but for now, enjoy. Happy New Year.

Cemetery Dwell – Cold Visions of Nether (Redefining Darkness) – death metal

Depression – Ära der Finsternis (Murder Records) – deathgrind

Also on tap:

Coffins / Depression – Split (Hells Headbangers) – death metal

Dusk – The Hermit (Independent) – industrial black metal

Mons Veneris – S/T, 10″ (Harvest of Death) – black metal

Old Selves – Two Minds (Independent) – metal

Transilvania – Of Sleep and Death (Invictus Productions) – black metal

Triumph – Edict of Iron Ascendency (Inhuman Assault Productions) – metal

Unbounded Terror – Infernal Judgement (Independent) – death metal


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