Receiving the Evcharist: NATHR and Big Muddy Brewing Company’s Blueberry Blonde

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations.  Drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offerings:  NATHR‘s Beinahrúga and Big Muddy Brewing Company‘s Blueberry Blonde.

The Tunes:  NATHR – Beinahrúga

These four tracks speak to my spooky soul, as does the grisly artwork which perfectly suits this EP. The music opens as if you are walking into an ancient, haunted tomb with eerie ambient murmurs, murky dripping sounds, and breathy, strained echoes. Some drums and guitar are later introduced along with zombie-like growls.  These macabre vocals are heard throughout the EP along with a smattering of deep, otherwordly chants.  The pace of each track is slow, marching, and almost hypnotic with atmospheric introductions leading the listener into dark depths.  NATHR formed in 2020 and Beinahrúga is their debut release.  The band is comprised of three souls who bring a vast array of talents to the table creating morose worlds to guide listeners through.  The original idea for NATHR was a dark ambient project and those roots are clearly shown in these tracks.  There are many quiet (yet unstill) moments in each song created through bleak and alluring soundscapes with synths and other various instruments.  Each track paints a morbid picture through blackened funeral doom with low-tuned, distorted guitars and an emphasis on atmosphere.  Beinahrúga is a listening experience and best done so with headphones to let the sounds surround and consume.  I am interested to see what NATHR creates next and I hope the band sticks to this haunting formula.

The Booze:  Big Muddy Brewing Company – Blueberry Blonde

I stumbled upon another local beer from Illinois.  This one comes from way down south in Murphysboro from Big Muddy Brewing Company.  While this is probably more suited as a summer seasonal ale, I am currently enjoying it while watching the snow fall.  I was drawn to this beer as a blonde who loves blueberry, and I enjoy the flavor year-round.  The Blueberry Blonde is a light bodied ale infused with natural blueberries.  There is just a hint of sweetness beautifully balanced with a light hoppiness.  The aroma, as soon as the beer is cracked open, reminds me of blueberry muffins, yet the taste is not overpowering.  It is light and very easy to drink leaving me wishing I had another.  The beer still tastes like beer, unlike some fruit beers that taste more like juice.  It is not overly sweet or fruity, just enough to make the flavor known.  It is obvious that the beer was brewed with real blueberries and I love that the flavor is natural and not artificial.  This is my first experience with Big Muddy Brewing Company, and it will not be my last!  I am eager to try more from this brewery after enjoying the Blueberry Blonde.

The music may have paired better with a dark and smoky beer but I have been eager to dive into this one and couldn’t resist the allure of fresh blueberries.

Cheers and blessed be,

– Angela

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