Between the Buried and Me’s Tommy Rogers on “Colors II,” making videos, their impending tour, a look back on the band’s history, and much more!

Between the
Image courtesy of Juan Pardo

Between the Buried and Me have blazed their own path and done things their own way now for some twenty years and change. So with a pandemic raging and nothing much else to do, they decided to record the follow up to their 2007 opus Colors, lovingly titled Colors II. Whether you go the Wikipedia route and call it new wave polka grunge or the band’s route and call it adult contemporary progressive death metal, it kind of all fits and this is why the band is so endeared by its fans or, on the flip side, at arm’s length to outsiders. Either way you slice it, Colors II is epic, colorful, and wildly entertaining.  With that said, head inside for an in depth discussion with Tommy Rogers via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

Just ahead of the August 20 release date, Buke had the chance to chat with vocalist and keyboardist Tommy about the new album, how it came to be, and behind the scenes. They also take a look back on Colors as well as band history and Tommy’s background in music, becoming a vocalist, and how he came to play the keyboard. Time is spent on how the band doesn’t pre-plan going into a new album and just how much time and effort goes into getting everything just right and sounding good, length of albums and the band’s position on folks that say their music is too hard to get into, Tommy’s solo work, and a discussion on their upcoming tour called An Evening with Between the Buried and Me. This is an excellent chat so dig in and enjoy!

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Colors II will be available August 20 on Sumerian Records. For more information on Between the Buried and Me, visit their official website.

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