CANTO: Venom Prison, Swallow The Sun, The Lurking Fear, and More

I have returned from the desert of Joshua Trees, and it was awesome.

  • We can start with Venom Prison, who announced February 4th as the release date of their new album. Erebos will be out through Century Media, and you can check out the artwork here. We’ll help you keep an eye out for pre-order information and new music as it comes around.
  • This is going to be a Century Media-heavy day. Next up is Swallow The Sun, who shared more new material from Moonflowers. That album is out on November 19th, but check out the fresh clip for “Enemy” right here. They’ll also be on tour here in the U.S. next month, which is awesome.
  • Hardcore punk collective American Nightmare have announced Background Music 20th anniversary tour dates. There are eight dates slated for this run, split between the two coasts, and tickets go on sale this coming Friday at this location.
  • Of Mice & Men came at us with an album announcement and new video today. Echo is out on December 3rd through Sharptone, and the clip for “Fighting Gravity” is out… right now!
  • And the last item from Century Media today is brought to you by The Lurking Fear. The video for “Death Reborn” can be viewed directly below. That track is taken from Death, Madness, Horror, Decay, which drops on November 19th.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

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