Monuments’ Mike Maylan on new album “In Stasis,” musical inspirations, and more!

London’s progressive metallers Monuments are on the eve of releasing their fourth full length album, In Stasis, on April 15 and if you’ve been paying attention they’ve come along way since their debut. Their songwriting is more captivating than ever, the band’s performances are better than ever, and to add to it all, they’ve added a technical component here that makes this quite possibly their heaviest release yet.

Just ahead of this album’s release, Buke jumped in the interview machine to chat with drummer Mike Maylan to discuss a multitude of topics: the new album, his and the band’s musical inspirations, injuries and overcoming some major struggles, drumming styles, selling guitar tabs, enjoying music without judgement, and a whole host of other topics. We now present that conversation to you in its entirety.

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In Stasis will be available April 15 on Century Media. For more information on Monuments, visit their official website.

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