Initial Descent: February 5 – 11, 2023

In Flames
In Flames

Super Bowl week is upon us. Does anybody even care at this point though? Look, I’m as big a football fan as that drunk dude you knew from that local bar you used to go to but even I know this one will be a snoozefest. Anyway, it’s finally time for new In Flames even though we’ve heard half the album at this point, BUT that half we’ve heard sure does sound like the days of yore from these melo-swedeathers. So yea, big time ready for that preorder to land. Next up we’ve got some absolutely vicious black metal from Terrestrial Hospice (seriously, this thing is a beast) and a death-power-symphonic-core-operatic chip shot from Dragoncorpse. Indeed, that’s a lot going on and it is quite different, so if that’s your thing be sure to check it out. And as always, there’s several more in the list below worth your time and hard earned money so go explore. See you here throughout the week.

In Flames – Foregone (Nuclear Blast) – swedeath

Terrestrial Hospice – Caviary to the General (Ancient Dead Productions) – black metal

Dragoncorpse – The Drakketh Saga (Shattered Earth) – deathpowercore

Also on tap:

Ad Omega – Aphelic Ascent (Drakkar) – black metal

Albert Witchfinder & Läjá Äijälä – Ordeal and Triumph (Svart) – dark electronic

Anvil Crawler – Hot Electrifying Color (Silver Maple Kill) – instru-prog

Arditi – Emblem of Victory (Blooddawn / Regain) – industrial

Atomwinter – Sakrileg (Trollzorn) – death / doom

Bosco Sacro – Gem (Avantgarde) – doom / ambient 

Cadaver Shrine – Benighted Desecration (Chaos Records) – death metal

Carnosus – Visions of Infinihility (Independent) – tech death

Condenados – El Camino de la Serpiente (Evil Confrontation) – doom

Crimson River – Here’s To The End… Again (Independent) – heavy metal

Delain – Dark Waters (Napalm Records) – symphonic metal

Deviser – Evil Summons Evil (Hammerheart) – black metal

Distant – Heritage (Century Media) – death metal

Divided By Design – The Fear of Being Forgotten (Independent) – metal

Fredlös – S/T (Threeman Recordings) – dark folk metal

Frozen Dawn – The Decline of the Enlightened Gods (Transcending Obscurity) – black metal

Harry Cloud – The CYST (Kitten Robot) – experimental / sludge

Häxanu – Totenpass (Amor Fati) – black metal

Funereality – Til Death (Helter Skelter / Regain) – death metal

Inferion – Given to the Ground (Independent) – death / black

Iterum Nata – Trench of Loneliness (Nordvis) – neofolk

Jenner – To Live Is To Suffer (Fighter) – thrash / heavy

Lieform – Crimes (Sliptrick) – grunge / stoner

Lüger – Revelations Of The Sacred Skull (Heavy Psych Sounds) – punk metal

Messe Mortuaire – Nocturnal Demonic Visitation, 12″ (Iron Bonehead) – death / thrash

Nachtmuse – The Warning, EP – (Independent) – metal

Negative Blast – Echo Planet (Quiet Panic) – punk

Sermon – Till Birth Do Us Part (Bitume Productions / Earache) – doom / death 

Stormo – Endocannibalismo (Prosthetic) – post-hardcore

The Last Reign – Endangered Pieces (Independent) – metal

Threnody – Rid of Flesh (Independent) – death metal

Wig Wam – Out Of The Dark (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – rock

Wounds of Recollection – Warm Glow of the End of Everything (Trepanation) – blackgaze


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