Album Review: REZN — “Solace”

Known for creating an alluring juxtaposition of heavy psych melodies and airy cosmic sonics, REZN is here with their fourth full-length release Solace.  Bringing a more refined and robust sound while remaining true to their roots, this release may be the band’s best yet.  Ever teetering on the line between psych and doom, both genres are detected here.  Swirled into this heavy base is a mix of ethereal instrumentation including synths, sax, flute, and rainstick.  Lighter instrumentals gently carry listeners in soothing waves while doom laden riffs and thunderous drumming grounds with a comforting weight.  Solace is an album to explore and enjoy the ebbs and flows of sound created by this talented quartet. 

The aptly named track “Allured by Feverish Visions” opens the album with some synth tones quietly creating a background before a reverberating guitar melody is added along with some gentle cymbal centric drumming.  Some flute tones lightly crescendo in and out adding to the movement of the track.  More psych influenced elements slowly appear and pulsate with a humming energy before things shift slightly to make way for some heavier sounds.  The evolution is subtle as the elements slowly come together into this whirlpool of sound carrying listeners seamlessly to the next track.  As the compositions and unique instrumentation are (in my opinion) the star of this album creating a vision and mood without lyrics, I love that REZN included this instrumental track.  While I also enjoy Rob McWilliams’ vocals and they certainly enhance the remaining tracks, this piece as well as the longer instrumental passages throughout make Solace the work of art that it is.

My favorite song on the album is “Reversal” which opens with a more doom heavy sound before introducing fun sci-fi-esque synths.  The vocal style is reminiscent of 90s grunge adding to the diversity heard in Solace.  Another favorite of mine is the closing track “Webbed Roots” which is the longest of the six tracks, spanning just under eight minutes.  This piece is a beautiful blend of all the elements heard throughout the album.  It brings back the mystical feel of the opening track while also bringing heavy riffs and colossal sonic walls of sound.  There is a rise and fall that echoes the rest of the album and keeps listeners hanging onto each and every note as the song progresses.  The album fades out after a final reverberating crash of a riff and a gentle melody drifts by and dies out.


Solace is a dynamic, layered album with a crisp production allowing each component to be heard and appreciated.  The flow of the album is well done bringing a cohesiveness to it while also allowing for each track to be distinguished.  Solace is my favorite album REZN has released to date.  The care and attention that went into crafting this album is evident and it feels more refined and overall elevated compared to previous releases.  There are fewer musical instruments on this album than their previous full-length released in 2020, Chaotic Divine.  I think this allows for a stronger focus on composition and lets listeners appreciate each piece without getting lost.  Comparing the album titles, this difference makes sense, and I enjoy the direction of this release as there is a comfort to it.  There now seems to be a REZN album for every mood and I hope the band keeps exploring this vibe driven motif.  

– Angela

Solace is available now on the band’s Bandcamp page.  For more information on REZN, visit their Facebook page.

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