Throwback Thursday: July 10, 2014

Those #tbt‘s clogging up your Facebook and Twitter feeds can mean only one thing–it’s Thursday. Which, by the transitive property, means it’s time for another edition of Throwback Thursday here at Horns Up. And as always, we’re not going to mess around here. You may have seen the following band mentioned briefly in Corey’s Stage Dive post yesterday, so why not expand on exactly why they’re so high on our list of shows to see? For today’s Throwback, let’s take a look back to Blind Guardian‘s set at Wacken Open Air 2007–specifically, their performance of “Born in a Mourning Hall.”

Now the studio version of this track–from 1995’s landmark Imaginations from the Other Side–is already a Blind Guardian favorite of mine. But this particular live version takes it to a different level. It’s at Wacken, in the band’s home country. It’s from 2007–well before Hansi Kürsch made the devastating life decision to cut his hair. AND it comes on the heels of the band’s way-more-successful-than-it-ever-should-have-been Twist in the Myth album, which is, you know…only the follow-up to the best album they’ve ever recorded.

Not to mention…well shit, it’s a pretty damn good performance! What the band misses out on in terms of its usual studio schmaltz, it more than makes up for in pure energy. I’m with Corey…definitely need to see these guys before I die. Whether it’s at 70,000 Tons of Metal or elsewhere.


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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