Daily ‘Bang: Check out the new Leviathan song, “All Tongues Toward”


Like all other good metalheads, I needed to drop what I was doing (sorry, boss!) and share the new Leviathan song, “All Tongues Toward”—their first in nearly four years.

The nearly eight-and-a-half minute track from tattoo artist/metal legend Wrest (a.k.a. Jef Whitehead, also of Twilight and Lurker of Challice) is love at first plight. It’s a song filled with incredibly sonic diversity, thanks to the smothered screams, moaning guitars and driving beats that build throughout. It’s still early days with this thing, but it feels the kind of song where each listen reveals another intricacy, another layer of the bloody onion. Nothing in the entire world sounds like Leviathan.  Nothing could sound like Leviathan. It’s purely original and, mostly, genius. Check it out after the jump.

Leviathan’s new LP, Scar Sighted, will be out soon on Profound Lore Records—exactly how soon depends on whom you ask. Leviathan’s Bandcamp page says February 17; the label says March 3. Oh well, mark your calendars for both.


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