Retrospective: Harvest Gulgaltha’s “Necrosophic”

Harvest Gulgaltha

Harvest Gulgaltha didn’t make waves with their 2014 compilation, Necrosophic. I hadn’t heard anything about it until a good friend of mine sent it over, assuming it would be up my alley. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a review of this compilation album at all. But then, that’s not very uncommon with blackened death metal bands from America—especially those that actively attempt to stay under the radar. Doing so, of course, keeps them very sought-after and popular among certain circles, but it also unfortunately keeps them off a lot of year-end lists that this thing very clearly deserved to make.

The Phoenix group had themselves a busy 2014. After re-releasing their 2012 demo under the title I, they then repackaged their three previous EP releases into the Necrosophic compilation, and put it out on Aphotic Sonance. 

The release is simple: eight tracks, and only one longer than five minutes in length. They don’t feature an intro, outro or any other atmospherically preparatory tools. The closest they come is a chanting, dank intro to the third track, “Of Power and Suspension” but before long, that gives way to a blasting aural assault. Generally, these songs are simple, straightforward, thick and bludgeoning mid-paced death metal. The production is just astounding—a disgusting mix in the absolute best way possible. The sound is cavernous and murky, yet up-front.

The track, “Rebirth of Infinite Wisdom” might best exemplify the band’s driving brand of death metal, but the final track, “Black Fire of the Other Side,” shows a different side of the band—complete with its devastating slow pace and church bells.  But even with a change in pace, the consistency in the band’s overall sound throughout Necrosophic makes for a filthy and terrific listening experience, especially if left on repeat for hours.

It’s definitely something we missed in 2014. But rest assured, it can still be a huge part of your 2015 if you play your cards right. Pick this thing up immediately and play it in your headphones, speakers or whatever you use to make noise as loudly as possible.


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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