Album Review: Urðun – “Horror and Gore”

urdun horror and gore demo 2015

Demo EPs are rarely anything to marvel at, but sometimes a band puts something out—maybe even a mere handful of songs—that makes people stop and take notice. That’s what Urðun have done with Horror and Gore, their new three-song demo, which comes to us via the a la mode distribution method—a limited cassette release. (For those who are cassette challenged, the brief EP will be available on Bandcamp.) It’s a modern take on classic death metal with a raw, gritty, straight-ahead sound.

Playing shows with Misþyrming is one way to get yourself noticed. Others include, but are not limited to: word of mouth, a sick album cover, origins in a country with a small, but quality, scene and, just maybe, producing an old-school influenced, straight ahead death metal album of top notch quality. Urðun have accomplished all of these.

The band sounds immediately like a well-seasoned death metal outfit. Their music is dark and full of terror, laced with screams and gutteral belches. Horror and Gore is an aggressive debut., and some of the more inspired death metal produced this year. In only sixteen minutes, the three tracks reveal a wide breadth of influences and appreciation for the death metal of old. And surprisingly, the band members are all unknowns—yet another example of youngsters bursting onto the scene and giving the old timers a lesson in their own history.

This demo is full of filthy, hard-hitting death metal. For those who enjoyed Undergang’s recent release, early Autopsy or even Nihilist, Horror and Gore will be a very welcome addition to the collection. Definitely check this one out, and keep an eye out for Urðun going forward.

– Manny-O-War

Horror and Gore is available now on Signal Rex. For more information on Urðun, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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