Visions ov Hell: Cut Up – “A Butchery Improved”

Cut Up - A Butchery Improved

Here we are: another Monday and another edition of Visions ov Hell. This week, we have a tasty little number from the Swedish death metal troop Cut Up. “A Butchery Improved” is the second single off their full-length debut, Forensic Nightmares, released last month on Metal Blade. The band described the video production process as “one messy day,” and as you’ll see, the video fully lives up to that description.

Throughout these four minutes, we see several shots of the band performing and headbanging along in what seems to be the back room of a slaughterhouse or a padded cell. It doesn’t take long for their mascot of sorts—a killer in a white hazmat suit and mask—to enter the screen and drop a body on a table. He then proceeds to hit, cut and saw his victim with a diversity of tools that would probably make the guys in Carcass drool.

With plenty of blood, gore and body parts for the freezer standing in the background, along with a realistic-looking leg sawing scene, I daresay Cut Up’s given us the perfect concoction to start our weeks off right. Press play below and enjoy the horrors that await…


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