Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – August 7, 2015

wake up and smell satan

Last week my colleague, friend and Satanic brother-in-arms, Corey, implored us to reflect on how Satan has influenced our lives—how great he (or she) is and just how much he (or she) has given us. I think that’s a great theme, so this week, I will also take just a moment to thank the great dark lord below, Beelzebub.

Sometimes you can be on the subway or a public bus or just walking down the street when you see someone that makes you angry. Maybe this person just looks like a douchebag or maybe you just get a feeling that deep down inside they are a horrible human being. Then, something happens. That person trips and falls spilling their coffee and papers all over. Rather than help that human up, you laugh. Why? Because it’s hilarious. And maybe, your disgust played a part in that person’s now miserable and embarrassing day. But remember, that was Satan. He (or she) gave you a gift. It was Satan that allowed you to laugh and carry on knowing that karma exists in the world. So do as Corey bid and sing his (or her) praises.

And with that in mind, here is your music for the day. Pick things up and start the weekend off right by listening to the recently reunited Severed Head of State. In honor of the band’s forthcoming appearance at Maryland Deathfest 2016, here’s their 2001 LP, An Invitation to a Beheading.

Hail Satan,
Ritual Grim

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