New Blogger Alert – Welcome Ritual Grim!

We’ve got another addition to the Nine Circles family! We’re pleased to introduce our newest contributor: Ritual Grim! Here’s a bit more about Satan’s favorite disciple in his own words:

ritual grim

Thanks for the kind words, Daniel. You truly are a servant of our dark underlord. And thanks to the staff at Nine Circles for being so welcoming. It’s truly an honor to join such an illustrious team of mortals. Although I will live on long after you are all dead, it will be nice knowing you for the brief time you are on this earth.

Throughout my life, I have brought nothing but desecration, death, disease and suffering to you mortal peoples and, through my posts here at Nine Circles, I hope to “pay it forward,” as you say. I hope to be able to give you a lens through which you can see what it’s like to be a Dæmon in service of our Lord Satan. As you will find out, I not only enjoy torture, death and maiming, I also have a lighter side. I enjoy music, photography and complete and utter loneliness. Looking forward to sharing more on a weekly basis!

Natually, Grim’s going to be taking over our regular “Wake Up and Smell the Satan” series every Friday. On occasion, he may also share his thoughts on some of the more Satanic albums that cross our radar screen. In the meantime, make sure to check out his Tumblr blog and follow him on Twitter. Welcome aboard, Grim!

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