Throwback Thursday: Akercocke – “Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone”


Tragically underrated and exceptionally well dressed Akercocke are now, depressingly, defunct. Depressing because they penned some of the most brutally heavy yet forward thinking releases during their tenure. Beginning in 1997 and splitting up in 2012, they had five full lengths that expertly wove black and death metal with a progressive sensibility. Ten years old this month, Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone may have been their most ambitious release but nonetheless extreme, so let’s dive in with this edition of #tbt.

Akercocke, in the beginning, was my gateway to metal that had both progressive elements to it and an undying love for all things Satan. Constantly pushing the envelope and boundaries of black metal and death metal alike, they truly were an elite group. This album had all the elements of their previous three releases, but the pacing and tracking seemed more mature. The mid-tempo death chugging that makes up the largest part of the album still gives me chills and still eclipses most of what I was listening to at the time.

As for the black metal aspect, you really can’t go wrong with anything offered here either. The tremolo picking alone is a stroke of genius. Jason Mendonça’s ability to go from death growls to banshee screaming to eerie spoken word is uncanny. Simply put, Akercocke delivers the complete package.

Progressive elements are something the band had always played around with but with this release it shared equal footing. To that point, each and every track has quieter moments, through acoustic guitars or dramatic ambiance. Whenever I return to this album I fall in an Akercocke rabbit hole as one album leads to another until I’ve spanned all five. More impressive is that, after all this time, I still find many things I’ve missed over the years. Since we no longer can enjoy any new material, hit the play button below, go drop some cash on the album, cherish it and keep it forever…

– Josh

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