Vision ov Hell: Oceans of Slumber – “Winter”

Oceans of Slumber are one of those bands I can’t figure out how I actually feel about them. The talent level is insane. They are progressive—sort of a progressive rock with some harder, grunge-like elements that border on metalcore at times. Because of this, the Evanescence comparisons become unavoidable. That isn’t the point though. The music they create is accessible, intoxicating and, at least on the surface, pretty entertaining. So let’s check out a video for the title track off their upcoming release Winter, due out March 4, 2016.

It’s really fun when bands actually get backing and are able to make a video that is interesting. So with the recent backing of Century Media (Winter will be their first release with that label) Oceans of Slumber were able to put together a visually enticing production. The video focuses on the most exciting aspect of any music: those creating it. It’s the typical live band setup with some nice closeups of lead vocalist Cammie Gilbert and some erie shots of backing vocalist and guitarist Sean Gary. Even the other, less ‘vocal’ members of the group get some camera love.

The track itself might not be entirely representative of the bands breadth but it’s a fine introduction to their talents. The vocals of Cammie Giblert are on complete display as her bluesy bordering on jazzy delivery seeps through various levels of heavy backing her. So check out the video and get to know the band a bit before their upcoming release.

– Manny-O-War

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