Album Review: Ripping Death – “Tales of the Ripper” (Demo Tape)

ripping death tales of the ripper
Cover artwork by Paolo Girardi.

As 2015 winds down we can step aside and take a look at some of the more exciting acts coming up in metal. Although their demo will be released in 2015, at only 4 songs (including a Cianide cover) and roughly twelve-minutes, Tales of the Ripper isn’t going to end up on many end of the year lists. But Ripping Death are just as exciting as some seminal albums from legendary bands and debut LP’s from fresh comers. Ripping Death provides yet another take on straightforward death metal with just a touch of thrash influence. So take some time in between your egg nog and decorating to throw this little one on—especially if you need a pick me up. This album will kick you right in your genitals and provide a caffeine spike to your brain.

Ripping Death is a power trio comprised of R.R. Bastard on bass and vocals, Angel Ofensor on drums and Rick Disgrace on guitars. The band splits time between Italy and Spain and thus garner the ever-so-cool “international” label making them sound like some sort of mystery. Tales of the Ripper consists of three original tracks and one cover, Cianide’s “Rage War.” The album gallops along without a hitch; even the cover track fits in seamlessly revealing a fresh take on an old gem. Their brand of death metal, although being straight ahead, does employ some welcome and surprising rhythm changes, mostly on the opener “Midnight Terror.” Although I am loathe to employ such maudlin euphemism but, Ripping Death is a brilliant kick in the ass for death metal—sort of a demand to “get up and go” that the genre could actually use right about now.

In the end, Tales of the Ripper creates a nice little introduction to Ripping Death. Although labeled a demo it’s more of a debut EP in that it’s recorded really well, has artwork from Paolo Girardi and comes off way more polished than a demo should. Simply, Ripping Death are an old school, straightforward death metal band that pulls zero punches and gives zero you-know-whats. It’s literally a ripping demo. So I shall step aside and you shall press play and then punch yourself in the face repeatedly. Enjoy!

– Manny-O-War

Tales of the Ripper is available December 18, 2015 via Iron Bonehead. For more information on Ripping Death check out their Facebook page.


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