Visions ov Hell: Tombs – “V”

It’s no secret that Brooklyn-based experimental sludge and black metal outfit Tombs have a new album on the horizon. The revamped lineup, which includes keyboardist Fade Kainer, along with new drummer Charlie Schmid has allowed Tombs to delve even deeper into the gothic, dark atmosphere side of their sound. The new album, All Empires Fall, is an EP clocking in at twenty-four minutes. It’s a superior format for Tombs who have always tended to run on the lengthy side of things. The new album is exciting as is any album released by a band who has infinite potential.

The video is for “V,” the closing track on All Empires Fall and maybe the bands deepest exploration into the gothic influenced sludge sound that they have been cultivating. The video is equally dark and stimulating. With quick cuts, strobe effects and the blend of music with nature, the video format allows the listener to join the band on their journey of inspirations. Pay special attention to the bass work that borders on pop. This track is Tombs most successful to date.

The video itself was directed and edited by Jaclyn Sheer and filmed at Zog’s Ruins in Muttontown, NY. Said frontman Mike Hill of the video: “‘V’ celebrates the infinite nature of man as the decline and ultimate destruction of the universe approaches.

All Empires Fall will be released April 1, 2016 via Relapse Records. Mark that date on your calendar (or just pre-order it) because this little EP is an exciting one.

– Manny-O-War

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