Exclusive Stream: Gutter Instinct – “Age of the Fanatics”


It’s been just about a year since Gutter Instinct released their debut EP, The Insurrection, and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil the first piece of new material from the Swedish death metallers. While Gutter Instinct’s debut full-length album, Age of the Fanatics, won’t drop until May 27th, an exclusive stream of the clinical title-track can be previewed below (after the jump). And it’s a good one. 

Looking into the music, it’s clear Gutter Instinct never lose sight of the beastly grooves or signatures that define Swedish death metal. But there’s a bit more to this sound when compared to the preceding EP. Here, Gutter Instinct displays an enhanced, darker feel relative to the The Insurrection, which is a welcomed dose of chaotic bleakness. Between the ferociously rhythmic blasts of the percussion, unrelentingly dynamic leads, and deep guttural vocals, “Age of the Fanatics” is quite the resonating display of sound. Furthermore, the track carries a certain enveloping quality to it, allowing it to surround an audience in its darkness, which is a testament to both the musicianship and production.

If the title-track is any indication of what the rest of the album contains, we are going to be in for a massive display of quality blackened death metal next month… and that’s obviously reason for excitement. The imagery is pretty damn cool, too. Check it out:

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

Age of the Fanatics will be out on May 27th through Prosthetic Records, however the album can be pre-ordered from the Prosthetic Records web shop now. For more information on Gutter Instinct, check out the band’s official Facebook page.


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