Visions ov Hell: Jim Breuer – “Thrash”

jim Breuer thrash video

Metal is full of gimmicks. Everything from feathered hair, leather pants, Babymetal, misogyny etc. So, what’s wrong with one more? Probably nothing actually. Jim Breuer is probably best known as the comedian who constantly looks stoned. Well, he’s also really into metal. So, when you’re Jim Breuer and you have money and clout you can do things like make an album with members of AC/DC (Brian Johnson) and Anthrax (Rob Caggiano). Which, when you think about it, is pretty awesome. What aging metalhead among us wouldn’t want to live out that dream?

And, when you have money behind you, you can make really, really nice videos like the one below. You can also make an album with stellar production value. Breuer’s metal debut, Songs From the Garage is available on Metal Blade Records. It’s fun, not entirely based on comedy and actually listenable. So check out the video below (you don’t have to tell anyone that you watched it) and try to enjoy yourself. You certainly will if you, much like me, crack up every single time Jim Breuer smiles (which he does a lot).

– Manny-O-War

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