Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – June 10, 2016


Welcome to my home. This is my atrium where I will remove your feet. Dragging you on bloody stumps, I will take you into my anteroom.  There, your skin will be removed from your face with a knife made of bone. Following into the den, I will slowly remove your fingernails. Then, dragging you further, I will leave you to rot in my root cellar of sorts: a dark, dank, firefilled room in which you will every so slowly roast. As your eyes melt out and your skin falls away, your screams will echo off the walls but will only be heard by yourself. In this way your death will be slow. Slow, painful, lonely and completely bereft of sympathy.

This is one way that you will die. I have many others. But this one is special for me. When I have the time I enjoy obliterating your hope inch by inch and then leaving you to rot. I will, of course, clean your bones, feed your organs to my hellhounds and use what I can to further my cause. So enjoy the music. Enjoy life. It’s all you have.

Here is Anal Blasphemy with the title track off their album Western Decadence available 7.1.2016 (by your pathetically inaccurate calendar) via Iron Bonehead.

Hail Satan,

Ritual Grim

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