Visions ov Hell: Wolverine – “Our Last Goodbye”

Wolverine - Our Last Goodbye

Our Last Goodbye is the first peep anyone has heard from Wolverine in 5 long years. Their fifth full length Machina Viva, is due out this week and judging by this track alone, it will be nothing short of epic. For a band that started out with death metal intentions, Wolverine is about as far away from that now as possible. But their transformation over the years has been one of constant exploration in melodicism and progressive metal, each release better than the last, and now — as this track proves — they’ve progressed once again. And have never sounded better.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Wolverine’s body of work over the years. Among many things that ring true on each successive effort, the differences from one to the next may be subtle at first but given time the gap broadens and the band reaches new heights. “Our Last Goodbye” is no different, for me it started out as just a slight difference from the more emotional tracks from their last album Communication Lost. The more I listened the more I noticed — how the keyboard disappears into a progressive and melodic, almost, pop structure, or the crisp clarity and range in Stefan Zell’s voice. The way he croons around the chorus is catchy but tugs on the heartstrings at the same time. Per Henriksson’s light touch on the keys fill the quiet moments with sorrow and the sweeping bass work from Thomas Jansson only amplifies this effect. And of course the way the song slowly builds to a crescendo is something Wolverine have perfected over the years and they do a fine job here.


The video is framed in a gray color scale and features many different live action shots of the band. Between the gray color, wide open expanse of bodies of water, and an icy cold mountain with snow clouds looming, the look and feel fits the song perfectly. Even though we do get the catchy chorus lines and an ever intensifying build throughout it has an infinite sadness to it. Longing for something that you know is out of reach. As the video comes to a close the grey slowly fades to black and a lighthouse appears in the distance. Followed by a memorium of one of the band’s close friends Fredrik Holmstedt. It’s an emotional roller coaster of a song that is a fitting tribute from the band to their friend and a perfect choice of video to compliment the song. Hit the play button below and be prepared to return to it many times, it’s haunting yet leaves you needing to hear it and watch it over and over again.


Machina Viva will be available July 8 on Sensory Records. For more information on Wolverine visit the band’s official website.

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