Album Review: Evil Priest – “Evil Priest”

Evil Priest - Evil Priest

As good as metal has been so far in 2016 — and that’s an understatement — the only thing that rivals it is metal that conjures up the inimitable past, and Peru’s Evil Priest stand as one of the best on their massive and well rounded self titled demo. It’s some of the most scathing and downright malicious death metal heard in quite some time. Easily recalling the late 80’s old school sound the band rips through nearly twenty minutes of glorious ear melting death metal.

The thing is, there’s been tons of quality throwback metal, whether in the form of thrash, grind or death so in order to stand out from the crowd you better have something special. Evil Priest have it and then some, storming through “Great Snake” like a mix of Possessed and Death. But then around halfway the band slows down a bit and hits a melodic section that reminds me of Exhorder and all bets are off, this band slays. Hands down.

Later, on “Evil Priest” this trio shows a deep respect for both US and Swedish death metal, opening with a punkish d-beat bass section then launching into a riff barrage akin to the best the US has ever had to offer in the death metal pantheon. Between the haunting field recorded atmospherics of “Ikarus” and the wickedly massive death metal on display throughout, Evil Priest have successfully crafted a demo worthy of the highest praise.

Evil Priest

On Evil Priest’s self titled demo the band show an immense knowledge of all types of death metal. But the unique thing is, they craft these tracks into something that is completely their own. Obviously you’ll hear nods to some of the bands mentioned but make no mistake, this band is the real deal and has the wherewithal to push death metal past the current crop of boundary smashers. So get your tail over to Caligari Records and land yourself one of these limited cassette demos as they wont last long. Guaranteed.

– Josh

Evil Priest is available now on Caligari Records. For more information on Evil Priest visit the band’s Facebook page.

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