Visions ov Hell: Netherlands – “New Jocks”

Netherlands - New Jocks

Netherlands is one of those bands that I can never get enough of. So for this Visions ov Hell we are taking a look at the recently released video for “New Jocks”. The track comes from the band’s latest release, Audubon, and if you missed it I highly recommend checking it out here. Over the previous three videos released from this album the band is as visual as they are heavy, using everything from psychedelic live shots to video game aesthetics to horrific claymation. And all this set to their insanely catchy brand of energetic sludge rock.

“New Jocks” is one of the shorter tracks from Audubon and subsequently gets in fast and pummels you over the head with brass tacks the size of softballs. The clash of electro riffs and cymbals is a shock to the ears and the midsection of acid rock lends a brawny tone to the track as well as the album as a whole. Anyone familiar with this band knows they are tough to categorize, as they effortlessly move in and out of genres like a ghost can float through walls. But this track rocks like an intravenous hit of speed from start to finish and, of course, is best enjoyed at maximum volume.


Visually, it’s a collage style mix of pictures and video clips that showcases a full dose of testosterone. The clips range from Olympic events to wrestling — or rasslin — to bullfighting, boxing, and nearly every other kind of machoism you can think of. The video was produced by Emmy nominated Michele Civetta who has worked with Lou Reed, MGMT, and several others. His work can be seen here. Many times in the past Civetta has captured artists at their best and he does it again with “New Jocks” and as usual Netherlands shocks the senses both aurally and visually, proving they really are a unique entity.

– Josh

Audubon is available now on digital format and will be available August 26 in physical format on Prosthetic Records. For more information on Netherlands visit the band’s official website.

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