How Not to Do It: An Interview with Matt Bacon of Dropout Media


Hello again,

For this month’s installment of “How Not to Do It” I’ve decided to do another interview with someone in the industry. This time, I decided to speak with someone who is involved more on the management end of things-Matt Bacon of Dropout Media. Enjoy the interview and contact Matt if you have any further questions about what he does.

Who are you and what is your role in the music industry?

I’m Matt Bacon, head of Dropout Media, I manage the band Tengger Cavalry and act as a consultant or manager for many others. I am also a blogger, working for Metal Injection and publishing interviews on dozens of different music sites. Odds are you’ve listened to one of my artists or read one of my articles without even realizing it

What’s the most unprofessional thing you’ve ever seen a band do to get publicity?

I mean – I’m not sure how to answer this one since I think a lot of unprofessional things that bands do aren’t necessarily for publicity. Those dudes who pretended to desecrate Dimebags tomb a little while back are probably the most obvious example I can think of in terms of unprofessional publicity stunts. Shits fucked yo.

What’s the most unprofessional thing you’ve seen a band do to get a record deal?

This is another one that’s like… weirdly arbitrary. It also depends how you define record deal. There’s tons of black metal bands that have done awful shit and then signed to a small super kvlt label that operates out of a cave and only does runs of 75 vinyls. In terms of real labels though, those guys tend to shy away from bands who use massive publicity stunts and stuff to get signed.

Why do you think a band should hire a manager or PR?

If no one has heard of you then odds are you don’t need a manager. A good PR company will provide you with some consulting too – especially if you’re a younger band. Realistically if you hired me as a manager for some reason before you got any PR, literally the first thing I would tell you to do would be to dump several grand into PR.

At what level should the band be at to hire a manager or PR?

PR works at any level as long as you have some quality material. You get what you pay for in that world. There are a lot of good mid level PR companies out there and if you are willing to pour five to ten grand into it you can see yourself growing quickly. I think you should hire a manager when handling the band gets to be too much for you. A lot of managers (Myself included) won’t take you on on a percentage deal unless you are grossing over a certain amount. However they might be willing to give you advice if you pay them a monthly fee. For a good manager to want to work with you you will have needed to have done things of merit.

What can you do to help bands?

I’ve been around the block a time or two. I can do everything from booking to management to PR. While I definitely try to avoid certain aspects of the industry I’ve kind of learned to do it all. That’s why I like to bill myself largely as a consultant. It makes more sense with my pay structure and keeps what I do open. If you want a more specific list check out the services page on my website:

How can interested bands contact you?

For more information on how Dewar PR can help your band, please contact or visit our Facebook page:

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