Kvlt Round-Up Featuring NWN! Productions


Temples of goatsodomy, welcome to another round-up, this time featuring albums from vaunted label Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Silly me, I expected this batch of releases to sound like tintinnabulating bells in Tinseltown, but instead I get some of the most brutal underground black/death in history. Damnation Nation, allow me to argue with persuasion — NWN! Productions rules like a barbarian warlord over a desolate wasteland that’s fitting for a Road Warrior film shoot. Leather and spikes not included.


The latest release from Black Witchery might well have been the best they’ve ever done. The album is entitled Evil Shall Prevail, and this is some violent, abrasive, raw black/war metal that fans of NWN! Productions will support without travail. Evil Shall Prevail is a compilation of the band’s earlier material including the similarly-titled EP. Black Witchery has been a staple of the underground label for many years now, and their subsequent releases sound more necro than this release does. In this instance, they add weight to the mix and the heavy bombastic riffs are downpicked to levels of insanity. Inhuman end-to-end blasting complements the downpicks. The drums are audible and not simply buried in the mix. The vocals are strangled rasps that sound like a man singing after devouring a bowl full of disposable razors. Evil Shall Prevail sounds as close to being a live recording done in studio fashion. It is anything but typical and Black Witchery prove once again that a band need not experiment with wind instruments to play metal of startling quality and style.


Conqueror hails from Canada and this re-release pre-dates the band’s second incarnation as black/death/war mongers Revenge. War.Cult.Supremacy is one of the most underrated underground records in history and NWN! Productions is wise to reissue this release for hordes of starved black/death maniacs. There’s more end-to-end blasting here, and the vocals are as insane as I’ve heard in black/death metal of this caliber. The tempos are throttling, and the violence portrayed therein suits a crowd of doggy-paddling middle-aged women trying out a swim in gator-infested water. The members of Conqueror might never return under the same banner after War.Cult.Supremacy put the moon in the rafters for black/death metal. Conqueror’s War.Cult.Supremacy is a happy ending for any metaller in search of carnage undertaken with supreme voracity, and fans who can’t tolerate this brand of aural barbarity are recommended to look elsewhere. Ambient music lovers might be left scurrying for cover.


Demonomancy and Witchcraft have also released a split album through NWN! Productions called Archaic Remnants of the Numinous. The death metal dirge on this split might be touched with some slower doom tempos but the effect is a sound that is ritualesque and haunting. They play some ambient trickery on track three, At the Diabolus Hour, that begs to be taken off, but largely, the band doesn’t fail to win over underground death metal fans that want ritual worship of a high caliber. Seminal this may not be, but rightfully listenable this release remains, and both bands prove worthy along side the other on this split. Fans of the other two acts mentioned in this round-up might look elsewhere for any similar love of blastbeats, but Demonomancy and Witchcraft are legit underground kvlt bands. Fancy a black mass in a coal mining shaft? The atmosphere conjured by this record is like thick black dust raining down on a crowd of worshippers, the type who would love such an occurrence – not the sort that would pray to almighty God like apartment tenants clamoring for an absentee landlord. Hail Satan, lovers of darkness!

Fans of the aforementioned bands are advised to visit Nuclear War Now Productions’ webshop for some cool gifts to procure in the name of unholy service.

-Al Necro

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