Initial Descent: October 2 – 8, 2016



First full week of October is upon us and, in case you missed it, there’s a hurricane that has ripped a swath of destruction everywhere it has touched. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone that has been affected by this. But thankfully it’s moving on, so GOOD RIDDANCE to Matthew. Now, onto Initial Descent. Which means new metal by the truckload. Actually this week isn’t quite as stacked as previous weeks but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. We’ve got Meshuggah‘s The Violent Sleep Of Reason which has a more organic sound to it but nonetheless as alienesque as they’ve ever been, Gatecreeper have released their debut Sonoran Depravation which is arguably the catchiest death metal of 2016, Endalok is terrifyingly atmospheric on their black metal album Englaryk, Ortega gives us a fantastic doom album in Sacred States and Swampcult dedicates the entirety of their latest dark doom album The Festival to the H.P. Lovecraft short story of the same name (it translates very well in case you were wondering). Those and many more await after the jump.

Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of Reason

MeshuggahThe Violent Sleep of Reason (Nuclear Blast) – progressive metal

Gatecreeper - Sonoran Depravation

GatecreeperSonoran Depravation (Relapse Records) – death metal [full review]

Endalok - Englaryk

EndalokEnglaryk (Signal Rex) – black metal [full review]

Ortega - Sacred States

OrtegaSacred States (Tartarus Records) – doom metal, sludge

Swampcult - The Festival

SwampcultThe Festival (Transcending Obscurity) – doom metal, black metal

Also on tap:

Candiria – While They Were Sleeping (Metal Blade Records) – experimental metal

Construct of LetheThe Grand Machination (Independent) – death metal

DecomposedWither (Chaos Records) – death metal

EschatosThe Grand Noire (Starwolf Records) – death metal, black metal

Hanging GardenHereafter (Lifeforce Records) – death metal, melodic, doom

Hex VoltThe Best Hex Volt EP Ever (Independent) – sludge metal, punk

IllyrianRound 2: Fight (Independent) – thrash metal

InfliktedSineater (wormholedeath) – death metal

John WesleyA Way You’ll Never Be (Inside Out) – guitar driven singer, songwriter

KremlinKremlin (Svart Records) – heavy metal, psychedelic, progressive 

MercylessPathetic Divinity (Kaotoxin Records) – death metal

Metal WitchTales From the Underground (Iron Shield Records) – heavy metal

MonsternautMonsternaut (Heavy Psych Sounds) – fuzz rock

Mouth of MadnessMouth of Madness (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Mouth of the ArchitectPath of Eight (Translation Loss) – metal, post

NarthraalChainsaw Killing Spree (Inverse Records) – death metal, old school

Riti OccultiTetragrammation (Triton’s Orbit) – doom metal, black metal

SarcofagoDie Hard, Re-Issue (Greyhaze Records) – black metal

SaxonLet Me Feel Your Power, Live (UDR) – heavy metal

SkogenSvitjod, Re-Issue (Nordvis Produktion) – black metal

Solar MassPseudomorphosis, TAPE/CD/12″” MLP” (Iron Bonehead) – kvlt

Sonata ArcticaThe Ninth Hour (Nuclear Blast) – power metal

StarchitectShift (Independent) – progessive metal

Take Over And DestroyTake Over and Destroy (Prosthetic Records) – death n roll

Underwater Sleeping SocietyInstrumental Healthcare (Svart Records) – progressive metal

VanhelgaOde & Elegy (Talheim Records) – black metal, depressive

Vultur’s VengeanceWhere the Time Dwelt InEP (Gates of Hell Records) – heavy metal

WatchtowerConcepts of Math: Book One (Prosthetic Records) – progressive metal

– Josh

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