Receiving the Evcharist: Verberis and Dragonstooth Stout

Receiving the Evcharist

Hello again and welcome to another edition of Receiving the Evcharist. Hopefully another week has gone by smoothly for all of you. Me, on the other hand, it’s been a long and patience testing week, and it’s only Wednesday night as of this writing. With that in mind, I decided to go heavy and dark to match my mood. So, let’s jump into it. The Metal: Verberis’ Vexamen.  The Booze: Elysian Brewing Company’s Dragonstooth Stout.

The Metal: Verberis’ Vexamen

New Zealand’s mysterious Verberis are a band that has been lurking in my periphery for some time now. Prior to Vexamen, their first full length album, the band released a four track demo on German underground heavyweights Iron Bonehead Productions, a label that has become my go to when seeking out the monstrous blackened death metal I find myself often in the mood for. Yet somehow this demo never got a single listen from me. It wasn’t until I heard the first advance track from Vexamen that I knew I had made a mistake passing on this band. This is an absolute monster of an album. While not as cavernous as some of it’s black/death labelmates, there is plenty of darkness to be found on Vexamen; tracks like “The Gaping Hollow of Divinity” are sure to satisfy anyone craving big ugly riffs. Yet there is also plenty of outsider weirdness that will make any fan of more new school black metal happy as well. The ten songs here are loaded with odd, shifting rhythms and sudden bursts of shimmering dissonant chords that keep the listener on their toes. Vexamen is weird and grimy in all the right ways.

The Booze: Elysian Brewing Company’s Dragonstooth Stout

If you have been paying attention to these articles, you may have gleaned that I have a preference for darker beer. Porters and stouts are my go to brews, and now that they’re in season, I couldn’t be happier to find them in abundance. Elysian makes several good beers that I have gotten my hands on in the past, but Dragonstooth has not been one of them. Seeing only one bottle available on my last grocery run though, I knew it was now or never to give this imperial oatmeal stout a go. I surely am not disappointed with my decision. Dragonstooth hits all the notes I want in a stout: bitter coffee and sweet chocolate, with subtle notes of citrus keep the finish from being too cloying. The beer has a rich body and feels practically silky going down, though at just above 8% ABV, it certainly packs a punch too. This will be a beer I go back for whenever I can.

If your week has been a disaster like mine has, then hopefully this will inspire you to find something to take the edge off, and if your week has been excellent then here’s hoping you’ve found a brilliant new album and drink to keep the momentum going. As for me, a good taco dinner, some outsider death metal, and a rich dark beer have made the rest of my week much easier to deal with. Thanks as always for reading, and cheers.

– Vincent

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