Exclusive Stream and Giveaway! – Infinite Earths: “Act 3. Chaotic Good”


With December 2nd fast approaching, progressive tech death group Infinite Earths are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, Into The Void. Before that day arrives, however, we are pleased to present another new track from their upcoming album titled “Act 3. Chaotic Good”. Even better still, in conjunction with this premier, the band will be giving away some fresh merch to a lucky few, details of which can be found further below. Before all that, give “Chaotic Good” a listen after the jump.

With only one or two listens, you can easily recognize and appreciate the creativity and technical ability behind the Infinite Earths sound as this track covers plenty of ground from start to finish. With previously released tracks “Into The Void” and “Amalgam Of Madness”, it’s clear that there will be plenty to look forward to from the Orlando-based group on December 2nd. Into The Void as an album will be a 27 minute concept album based on a comic book written by vocalist Josh Mazorra defined by Lovecraft-inspired horror and science fiction. Clearly, the creativity comes in all forms with Infinite Earths. This will be an album that should stand out to fans of Between the Buried and Me and The Faceless, but all metal appreciators would be advised to give this a listen come next month. Now… how about that giveaway?


The Details/How to Win: Infinite Earths will be giving away three shirts in the weeks leading up to Into The Void‘s release. And the best part is that they will given away to three of YOU. And the game is simple. Retweet/share or favorite/like this post on social media and each name will be entered into a drawing to win one of these shirts. Who doesn’t love free swag? Good luck!

Into The Void will be out on December 2nd. For more information on Infinite Earths, check out the band’s official Facebook page.


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