Album Review: Dead Conspiracy – “Dead Conspiracy”


Dead Conspiracy - Dead Conspiracy

Dead Conspiracy is everything metal fans love about death metal. Thrashy, catchy, Dead Conspiracy’s self-titled debut is a rotting corpse festering with blastbeats and galloping rhythms, with divebomb leads and string bends that remind listeners of steel bending in the clutches of a force-five tornado. This music is nasty, unadulterated, and intense. It doesn’t help that Dead Conspiracy vocalist Mike Abominator used to be Gravehill’s incumbent throat ruiner, and he puts on a diverse and impressive vocal contribution to this filth of a recording.

This is nine tracks worth of audio slaughter. Often blasting or locked-into thrash-pace drumming, these guys pick up where the last Gravehill album left off, possibly taking it up a notch in songwriting dynamics. They mix things up and write killer songs.

Quite similar to Gravehill, Mike Abominator and company furiously stampede through the paces and belt out the downpicks for slower segments. The songs are usually lively uptempo bangers, and any slow sections are usually used as a little change of pace so headbangers can recover their flung heads.

Especially after album opener “Blood Everywhere” starts the carnage and “Born Again Massacre” sustains the rampage, there’s no turning back from the moshpit like it’s a scene from a natural disaster. For metal fans that want a little more heart to their thrashy death metal, Dead Conspiracy bludgeon and hack through nine tracks of headbang-inducing ecstasy. Get this album before your grave starts filling-up with the rotten corpses of your dead relations.

Dead Conspiracy


The lyrics follow the guitar riffs closely, or the opposite could be true. The tracks here aren’t epic drawn-out numbers that rely on too much atmosphere and aural textures. Dead Conspiracy belts out proper songs with solos at the right junctures, with catchy lyrics that make the music easier to appreciate. It helps that Mike’s vocals are easier to make out than those of most vocalists in extreme metal. He has a throaty rasp that enables him to simply bark the lyrics. The songs are somewhat anthemic because they’re so catchy, right up until the last track, which starts with a slow build-up all the way to a fitting finale.

If you love Gravehill, you’re going to love these guys in equal or greater paces. There’s plenty of punk riffs and thrash beats, and the shreds sound like jig-saws for your Pantera albums. No sell-out to nineties groove thrash here, nor do these guys use rapcore style beats. No gimmicks. Just music. Dead Conspiracy’s debut hits it out of the park for yours truly. Your balls should fly right out of the park with a listen to Dead Conspiracy. So, listen now!

– Al Necro

Dead Conspiracy is available now on Bandcamp. For more information on Dead Conspiracy visit their Facebook page.

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