Visions ov Hell: Dead to a Dying World – “Cicatrix”


It has somehow already been a year and a half since Dead to a Dying World‘s impressive Litany was released. Yet, after earning ‘Best of’ marks from me at the end of 2015 and then following that up with easily one of the best sets at Migration Fest the following year, it seems like we still can’t stop talking about everything Dead to a Dying World has done recently. And that trend continues into 2017. Introduced just last Monday, Dead to a Dying World has crafted a visual element of mystery to accompany the second track off Litany called “Cicatrix”.

I’ll be honest, when I first went through this album, I originally looked at “Cicatrix” as nothing more than a transitional track between the far more compellingly monolithic surrounding songs. You see, both “The Hunt Eternal” and “Eventide”, which precede and follow “Cicatrix” respectively, average to be about 15 minutes each. Both of which tracks are their own story, journeying over different emotions and styles throughout their listening time. “Cicatrix”, on the other hand, is a more tame five minute ambient display of repetition and simplicity.

But that in turn brings up what I appreciate about this video. The imagery itself appears far more complex than if you listened to the track alone. Sure, the emotional elements of the sound are consistent with the rest of the album, but the musical dynamics don’t appear to align when the song is isolated. This video, however, offers added complexity through the steadily evolving scene that depicts Aeon (Jordann Baker) immersed in a grey, billowing, enchanting scene. The dark emotions that surface as you watch her in her element are supplemented brilliantly with the stunning imagery of the forest, skyline, and shadows that surrounds her. All of these visual elements do for “Cicatrix” what most music videos fail to do: add new layers to the song. Emotionally, conceptually… you name it. This five minute visual completely changes my perspective of this song. The music takes on a new form and offers new personalities because of the related imagery.

I could go on and on about this album, this band, and now this video, but I’m going to cut myself off here. If you have somehow failed to listen to Litany to this point, I encourage you do so immediately. And then, obviously, check out the video above. It makes more sense in that order.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

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