Wacken Metal Battle USA – Boston Round 2 Winner: Goblet

wacken metal battle usa

For those keeping score at home, round 2 is over and only one round remains before the regional final for the Wacken Metal Battle USA! (Here’s a refresher on what we’re doing if you need it.) Two weeks age, you may recall, we introduced Coffin Birth as the round 1 winner. Now, with the second round taking place this past Tuesday, I am excited to introduce Goblet as the next Boston finalist…


Doesn’t that look like a fun bunch? Unlike the darker, more serious first round winners, Goblet categorize themselves as “Western Mass Bastard Thrash” on their Facebook page. They are actually from Pittsfield, MA… if anyone actually knows where that is. I half do and I’ve lived in New England pretty much my entire life. With inspiration fueled from classic groups like Black Sabbath and Slayer combined with the more modern stylings of The Black Dahlia Murder, Goblet is sure to bring a ton of chaotic creativity to the final round.

Their second EP, On Tap, released last October, is currently available on Bandcamp. You can check out a preview below if you’re too lazy to open the actual preceding link. Gives these guys a listen, they’ll be sure to bring a different kind of energy to the finals next month… and I personally can’t wait.

Congrats to Goblet! Round 3 of the Boston regional will be held March 29th and the finals will be April 19th, both at ONCE Somerville. We’ll check back next week for the winner of the third round.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

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