Receiving the Evcharist: Amnutseba and Dayslayer

Receiving the Evcharist

Hello and welcome once more, faithful congregation.  This week brings yet another offering of the metal and booze I love, and hopefully you will love too.  Let’s get right down to it.  The Metal: Amnutseba’s Demo.  The Booze: Stone Brewing Company & Maine Brewing Company’s Dayslayer

The Metal: Amnutseba’s Demo


Fun fact:  The main reason I started listening to this album was because I saw someone refer to it as “a shithouse Portal ripoff” in the comment section of the article reviewing it.  Portal being my favorite metal band, even if I see someone say an artist rips off Portal as an insult, it’s still incentive for me to check it out.  As it stands, I feel that while the Portal comparison is an apt one, Amnutseba are hardly a ripoff and definitely not “shithouse”, whatever that means.  Amnutseba’s brand of churning black/death metal is every bit as chaotic and psychedelic as one might imagine, yet there is a lightness that gives these songs more balance than your typical “cavernous” band, care of some bouncy rhythm shifts and eerie washes of melody.  A band like this could easily play heavy and fast and hammer the listener down, and that would be well and good, but Amnutseba go a more cerebral route, and it’s through this path that they distinguish themselves from the pack.  This is an excellent demo that shows a band able to take a popular trope and rework it into something unique.  Any anonymous internet commenter that begs to differ can fight me about it.

The Booze: Stone Brewing Company & Maine Brewing Company’s Dayslayer

dayslayer ipl

Like I’m not gonna write about a beer marketed as “fit for the lords of metal” in this column.  It was love at first sight when I encountered this west-meets-east collaborative effort championed by San Diego’s Stone Brewing (whose impeccable work has been featured in this column before).  Dayslayer is an India Pale Lager, which is a style that I have seen take off in popularity recently, yet I have not had as much to sample of it as I would have liked.  If Dayslayer is anything to go off of though, I definitely need more of this in my life.  This drink takes all the things I enjoy about lagers and improves on all the things I don’t like about lagers, namely getting rid of the general blandness by introducing a ton of hops into the recipe.  The initial sip when cold was exceedingly hop forward, enough to where I was disappointed that I couldn’t taste any lager, but as the beer warmed it became much more balanced and began to show its true colors.  Grassy hops give way to malty sweetness, and a smooth floral finish rounds things out nicely and grounds the drink squarely in lager territory.  Easy drinking, but with enough of a kick to satisfy anyone bored of the average yellow beer.

So ends another celebration of good booze and great music, an offering of each that takes two distinct styles and blends them together into something unique.  Variety is the spice of life they say, and I hope these weird pairings are spicy enough to get your weekend off to the right start.  Until next we meet!

Cheers, and be good to each other,

– Vincent

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