Sepulchral Saturday: Nod – “Mountain Void” (EP)

Nod - Mountain Void

Continuing the birth of the underground music scene in Columbus, Georgia, upcoming stoner doom metal band Nod manages to form a subtle landscape that you couldn’t find in the book of Genesis. With their new EP, Mountain Void, the band exemplifies the kind of psychedelics that isn’t all that airy while managing to maintain the perfect balance of wind and ground.

Starting off with “Cosmic Knot,” the obvious hypnosis that’s paired between vocalist Samantha Sawyer and guitarist Avery Bradshaw (bassist from Giger) is enough to draw you in, but don’t expect that calmness to hang around long. With the rough vocals from Avery and bassist Alex Craig (ex Doomed Youth), that hypnosis has an added bounce to it which I find extremely pleasing as well as being very well structured with the contribution of drummer Bobby Browning (ex Ass).

Even though I’m not all that keen on the next track “Prayer To The Wolf God,” the lyrics definitely keep my attention. The darkness of this track isn’t anything evil — more along the lines of defensive and remorseful. ‘To peel the flesh from their bones, burn down their homes. And grind their bones into the soil.’ Lyrics like these suggest the destruction of a sacred land that was once inhabited by ancient creatures or forgotten primitives or quite possibly both.

With the prolific and catchy single “Mountain,” that same bounciness from earlier is upgraded. Maybe I’m just geeking out here, but I find this to not only be the perfect single from this EP but also something that has the potential to garner radio play from both local and national heavy metal stations. Samantha’s vocals are placed perfectly after the abrasive chant from Avery and Alex which gives this song a nice back and forth tug while still maintaining consistency and cohesiveness.


Making an exit with this EP, “Final Arrival” which is not only probably one of the best songs I’ve heard this year, but it took me back in time when I first discovered doom and sludge metal. Alex’s bass work on this song is phenomenal, groove lines that will drag you into the void of a mountain. As the song progresses, Bobby’s drumming gives it a sensation of not only power but more so the accountability of pure enjoyment. Being off to a good start here with Mountain Void, I am very interested to see what Nod will have in store for us next.

– Cole

Mountain Void is available now on Bandcamp. For more information on Nod visit their Facebook page.

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