Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – May 18, 2018


A recent article alleges that Satanic cults are flourishing. But are they?

Writer Glenn Dowell recently suggested Satanic cults are on the rise. He also notes Charles Manson was a Satanist – a claim that is dubious, though Manson was an avowed white supremacist. But let’s unpack this anyway.

The 2014 Religious Landscape Study found only 1.5 percent of people identified with alternate religions. The study points out this is a big tent, encompassing Scientology, New Ageism, Wicca, polytheism and Satanism, among others. The Pew Forum does note the numbers of religiously affiliated, instead, have rocketed. And, as CNN notes, many people who identify as Satanists are atheist in orientation, the Pew self-identification as Satanist rather than non-religious is crucial here. Research has attempted to define the number of Satanists, but it remains assuredly a small group. Its growth remains questionable.

This week’s music feature is Finland’s Womit Angel. The group offered Impaling Force Of Satan in 2017 via Ketzer-Records. Active since 2010, the group did a video for “Planetary Destruction,” which does not feature the World Wildlife Fund.

– EA

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