The Nine Circles Audio Thing: YOB’s Aaron Rieseberg on “Our Raw Heart,” defeating adversity and more!

YOB – photo courtesy of  Jimmy Hubbard

It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that YOB‘s upcoming eighth full length, Our Raw Heart, is superb. If the band is anything, it’s reliable — album after album. After going through a near-fatal bout of diverticulitis, frontman Mike Scheidt knuckled down to piece together what would become the bones of this album with a vigor that shocked everyone. Once able to share his ideas with drummer Travis Foster and bassist Aaron Rieseberg, the unspoken chemistry ignited. 

The results are, of course, heavy — a YOB staple — but the album also bursts at the seams with triumphant melodies and highly emotional songwriting. For 73 minutes, it forces you to pay attention and completely shut out the world around you. For me, the impact of this personal collection was something that not even Clearing the Path To Ascend could prepare me for. Our Raw Heart is a living, breathing testament to what this trio has been through and where they’re going — and in my opinion, is some of their best work.

I recently chatted with Rieseberg about the new album and how the band overcame the uncertainty of Mike’s highly volatile health scare. He also shared the story of a seemingly random decision between him and his brother, Dustin, that would go on to shape his own future. It was a great conversation, and you can listen to it below:


YOB - Our Raw Heart

Many thanks to Aaron for his time!

– Josh

Our Raw Heart will be available June 8 on Relapse Records. For more information on YOB, visit their official website.

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