Receiving the Evcharist: Nefastu and Deep Ellum Brewing’s IPA


Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Welcome to the first Evcharist of 2019.  I’ll be your fill in host for this particular occasion.  Though this is my first time at bat for the Evcharist, I’ve been pairing metal and beer together for some time, so this isn’t a new thing for yours truly.  Like a fine wine and cheese, metal and a good beer work together in the same way, just cheaper and less pretentious and stinky. So, let’s get on to the hops and steel with Nefastu’s Obscura Transcendencia and Deep Ellum IPA!

The Metal: Nefastu’s Obscura Transcendencia 

Released on December 31, 2018, Nefastu has come to plague us all with Obscura Transcendencia, a three song 7″ vinyl, limited to 150 copies. Their brief accompanied bio states ‘this band is not wimpy bedroom black metal’ and that ‘this is the real deal.’  We’ll fucking see about that. 

Shrill necro vocals, check.  Buzz saw wasp guitars, check.  Homage to underground bands like Maniac Butcher and early Bathory, double check.  So, it seems all the pieces are in order for a quality, semi-lo fi black metal blast. The 7″ begins with “Belica Neblina,” a blackened punk tune that pays total homage to the first two Bathory albums. Next track “Supremo Trono da Noite” hits hard with all its blasphemous pistons firing in full, showing that Nefastu enjoy playing with grit and grime. In regards to the gritty sound, under-production is the wrong term to use here – actually this is just the comfort zone where bands like Nefastu live and it’s one of sincere honesty, warts and all. “Na Imensidao Do Vazio” concludes the 7″ with pretty standard cult black metal. Don’t get me wrong, I like what Nefastu are bringing to the table here. Obscura Transcendencia ain’t reinventing the wheel, so let’s not pretend otherwise, but what they do very well is play straight up black metal that wears its love of seminal Darkthone, Bathory and other South American madness on its battle vest. If you’re looking to scratch an itch for darkness, evil and everything 1993 anti-mosh, Nefastu have what you’re looking for.  On to the booze.

The Booze: Deep Ellum Brewing‘s Deep Ellum IPA


Being a Dallas, TX native I have a huge soft spot for breweries in the area.  Deep Ellum Brewery has been in the craft game for a minute now and produce a very competent line up of year round brews that deserve your unrefined tastes, and their IPA is no exception.  At 7% ABV it’s a very drinkable little IPA that doesn’t crush your soul with being overly bitter.  Tempered with just the right amount of American Hops, Deep Ellum IPA isn’t overly ‘piney’ or ‘citrusy.’  It’s a well-balanced IPA which borders, taste wise, on a simple session pale ale to me. This is a beer you could easily give to the pretentious d-bag beer nerd or your friend that only drinks bud light and they’d both love it all the same.

How does Deep Ellum IPA pair with Nefastu?  I like black metal, which Nefastu are, and I like Deep Ellum IPA. So, pretty damn good I’d say. Though not earth shattering in any regard as far as originality, both couple together perfectly in an unholy alliance that makes them more enjoyable when taken in unison. And for that, I consider this whole experiment a win. You can trust me, I’m a doctor.

Cheers until next time folks.

– J. Coleman


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