Initial Descent: January 12 – 18, 2020

The Osedax
The Osedax

I’ve got little in the way of words other than this list is a bit longer than it has been lately so if anyone’s missed several weekly picks, we got you. For fans of really slow build sludge and doom with post-metal thrown in for good measure The Osedax has you covered – patience is a virtue and here it will pay off in spades, Lebanese blackened death metallers Kaoteon have teamed up with members of Obscura and At the Gates so there’s that, and punk rockers The Good the Bad and the Zugly offer up a balls out rocker of an album, if that’s your kind of thing. Wide swath of stuff covered here and the list below continues in this same fashion so get your fix, there’s more than just one. (Bonus points if you actually get that)

The Osedax - Meridians

The Osedax – Meridians (Independent) – atmospheric sludge / doom

Enjoy this 2015 album until Meridians is available to stream:

Kaoteon - Kaoteon

Kaoteon – S/T (Independent) – black / death

The Good the Bad and the Zugly - Algorithm and Blues

The Good the Bad and the Zugly – Algorithm & Blues (Fysisk Format) – balls out rock

Also on tap:

Arcana 13 – Black Death, EP (Aural Music) – rock

Blessed Black – Beyond the Crimson Throne (Independent) – doom [profile]

Body Void / Keeper – Split (Tridroid / Roman Numeral Recordings) – sludge

Brotthogg – Echoes of the Past, Expanded Edition (Redefining Darkness) – black metal

Darktribe – Voici L’Homme (Scarlet) – power / progressive

Frogg – A Reptilian Dystopia, EP (Independent) – tech death

Helldown – In Deaths Hands, EP (Independent) – thrash

Horned Almighty – To Fathom the Master’s Grand Design (Scarlet) – extreme

Hyperia – Insanitorium (Sliptrick) – melodic thrash

InMe – Jumpstart Hope (Killing Moon) – metal

L’Homme Absurde – Belong (Independent) – post-metal

Macabre Demise – Awakening (RTM Productions) – death / grind

Mr Bison / Spacetrucker – Turned to Stone Chapter 1: Enter Galactic Wasteland (Ripple Music) – heavy rock

Nephylim – Severance of Serenity (Independent) – melodic death metal

Nobody – Gospel of the Goat (Inverse) – acoustic black metal 

Odious Mortem – Synesthesia (Willowtip) – tech death

Orochen – Mechanical Eyes, EP (Independent) – post-rock

Porta Nigra – Schöpfungswut (Soulseller) – black metal

Rat King – Vicious Inhumanity (Within the Mind) – death / grind

Ryte – S/T (Heavy Psych Sounds) – psych rock

Sterbhaus – Krampusnacht (Killhead) – metal

Svarttjern – Shame Is Just A Word (Soulseller) – black metal

The Cult of Dom Keller – Ascend! (Cardinal Fuzz / Little Cloud) – experimental 

The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name – Where Flies Will Reign, EP (Independent) – gloom rock

Victorious – Space Ninjas From Hell (Napalm) – power metal 

Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us (Lacerated Enemy) – tech slam

– Josh

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