Album Review: Blessed Black – “Beyond the Crimson Throne”

Up and coming doom metal band, Blessed Black, made a powerful kick-down-the-door type of entry into the metal scene with their debut two-track EP Beyond the Crimson Throne and now return to flesh those two tracks out into a full length album of the same name.  The group, formed in 2017, is comprised of four very skilled musicians from Ohio.  Since the band’s start, they have worked tirelessly to develop their sound and produce a pretty killer debut album.  Beyond the Crimson Throne showcases the musicians’ technical talents through catchy riffs, guitar and vocal harmonization, crisp drum lines, and bass lines that beg for head banging.

The album opens with an instrumental track that starts steady with a repeating guitar riff that slowly welcomes an accompanying drum line introduced by the crescendo of a cymbal roll.  The track opens to more instrumental variety and paves the way for the album.

While Blessed Black classifies themselves as a doom band, they clearly draw inspiration from other genres to create their own unique sound.  The clean vocals contributed by Joshua Murphy bring a classic hard rock feel which are beautifully intertwined with Ray Bates’ furious heavy metal drumming.  Beyond the Crimson Throne features several stellar instrumental solos interspersed in the tracks that add the right amount of hype.

The album is stunningly produced further showing the band’s dedication and professionalism to the craft.

The more I listened to this album, the more I liked it.  These tracks stay with you in an awesome way—I walked away with righteous melodies continually playing in my head.  Beyond the Crimson Throne shows real talent and promise and I’m eager to hear more from this up and coming band.   

– Angela

Beyond the Crimson Throne is available January 17 on the band’s Bandcamp page.  For more information on Blessed Black visit their official Facebook page.

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