Receiving the Evcharist: Body Void & Keeper and Raspberry Blush

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations. Drink from the cup of heresy. This week’s offering: Body Void & Keeper’s Split and Mikkeller Brewing Company’s Raspberry Blush.

The Tunes: Body Void & Keeper’s Split

body void keeper split

Today I have the immense pleasure of bringing you another two for one deal with the new split release from Body Void and Keeper.

Body Void kick the split off with “Androgyne,” a 14 minute barrage of the band’s distinctive blend of noisy, droning sludge cut with moments of d-beat and black metal. Body Void have a unique way of using feedback almost as an instrument of its own, and here the squealing tones of instruments left to hang punctuate vocalist Will Ryan’s harrowing vocals. I’ve said before that Body Void are among the pinnacle of sludge metal for me and “Androgyne” is a perfect example of why; the way the band is able to write long-form songs that not only keep but build interest the entire way through is unmatched.

Keeper are a name that are brand new to me, but made a good impression. Much more content to linger in the slower tempos, Keeper’s two-part contribution is more focused on deep-reverb drenched atmosphere to create its mood than the more in-your-face confrontation of Body Void. “Trial & Error” unfolds slowly and steadily, with the combination of almost stoner-esque riffs and evil atmosphere reminiscent of genre titans Hell, and that’s never a bad thing. “Twenty” is a more ambient affair, driven by vocals and a background squall of guitar and noise only, drawing the listener in with an almost religious kind of intonement. It’s a nice mix of tried-and-true approach and something a little more experimental, and it works well here.

Their powers combined, these two bands make for one hell of a split.

The Booze: Mikkeller Brewing Company’s Raspberry Blush

mikkeller raspberry blush

We are continuing our streak of unusual flavor combinations featuring raspberry today with an offering from Denmark by way of San Diego’s Mikkeller Brewery. Raspberry Blush is a Berliner Weisse beer brewed with raspberry and coffee, an unusual choice for a classically light beer. Yet the result here isn’t any less crisp or refreshing than one would imagine. The coffee is subtle and simple enough that it functions more to round out the tartness of the raspberry and sourness from the yeast, while providing a deep, lingering finish. If a standard Berliner Weisse is like drinking fresh, puckering raspberry juice, this is more like raspberry jam, sweeter and softer while still having a distinct tartness. I’m lucky enough to have Mikkeller’s DTLA taproom reasonably close to me, and this beer is my go-to order whenever I’m there without fail, for good reason. I’m terribly excited to find it canned, and if you can get your hands on it too, it comes highly recommended.

Cheers, and be good to each other,


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