The Nine Circles Audio Thing: GiantBomb’s Alex Navarro on Video Games, Metal, and More!

giant bomb logo

It’s metal-adjacent time as Buke goes all in on his other passion – video games – with Alex Navarro of GiantBomb! I know…it’s crazy to think we have other interests other than fist-raising, head-banging riffage, but video games are near and dear to many of our blackened hearts, and in this new world of self isolation there are few better diversions than jumping in for an hour (or eight or ten) of glorious high resolution twitch tomfoolery.

Alex has been a presence in the industry for over 15 years, with both GameSpot and GiantBomb, so there’s no one better to kick off some serious gaming conversations here at Nine Circles!

alex navarro - giantbomb

Many thanks to Alex for his time!

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– Buke

Check out the great content at GiantBomb here.  You can follow Alex on Twitter and check out his band None Above All on Bandcamp.

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