Album Review: Myth of I — “Myth of I”


Forged at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass by a group of highly skilled musicians, Myth of I was born. And now, seven years later, Myth of I is an “…eclectic album with influences from all over the world and is sure to be something you can’t find anywhere else” as described by the band, and I’ve found that statement to be true. It’s a creative blend of musical styles from progressive metal, to black metal, to jazz fusion, to electro—with expert instrumentation by four talented musicians and no vocal tracking.  Myth of I bring such strong power and expression through their instruments that vocals are not needed and are not missed, surprisingly.

Just in time for Spring, the album brings listeners to nature immediately as it opens peacefully with the gentle sound of water flowing, birds chirping, and melodic guitar.  The opening composition ends with some eerie static, a descending scale, and some heavy silence before the following track, “The Illustator,” jumps in with a furious descending scale into some killer guitar and djent riffs.  This track later introduces some spooky Halloween-esque synths, adding to the layers and variety of sounds.  “The Illustrator” also features the furious drumming skills of Matt Lippa—fully showing off what this band can do and serves as no surprise that this was one of the first to be released from the album.  It showcases the talents of the quartet with enough to entice but without giving away all the elements and surprises the album has to offer.

The sounds of Spring are brought back in my favorite track “Obsidian Vale.”  This composition has more jazz influence and brings in atmospheric elements, mirroring the beginning sounds and style. Black metal elements and tech-death round out the album but so much more evolves to keep listeners engaged and intrigued.

Myth of I
Myth of I

Myth of I have blasted into the scene with their debut masterpiece.  I eagerly anticipate the band’s discography to grow and thrive as the band continues in their musical journey.  This album will have you frolicking, dancing, head-banging, and leave you craving more.

– Angela

Myth of I is available now on The Artisan Era.  For more information on Myth of I visit their Facebook page.

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